3 men ordered to pay $23 million Malibu fire restitution

Three men have been ordered to pay more than $23 million in restitution for a 2007 bonfire that destroyed 53 homes in Malibu.

At a restitution hearing Wednesday, Brian Anderson, William Coppock and Brian Franks were ordered to pay $15.6 million to 11 homeowners. They were also ordered to pay another $7.5 million to the state for fighting the Corral Canyon fire that injured five firefighters and forced thousands to evacuate.

A local wire service says the men are due back in court Jan. 10 to work out monthly payments.

Anderson and Coppock were sentenced to a year in jail and five years of probation. Franks was sentenced to five years probation and community service.

Two other men got probation, community service and a fine but did not have to pay restitution.

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