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Congressman Xavier Becerra considers his options on deficit reduction vote

Congressman Xavier Becerra considers his vote on deficit reduction
Congressman Xavier Becerra considers his vote on deficit reduction
Justin Ho/KPCC

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President Obama’s bipartisan deficit commission votes tomorrow on a list of recommendations to get the United States out of debt. One Los Angeles congressman on the commission is still on the fence.

Democrat Xavier Becerra is torn. He agrees with the commission recommendation to cut defense spending. But he doesn’t like the proposal to raise the Social Security retirement age.

"Somebody partied in America for 10 years," he says. "Why should working America – seniors, children – have to clean up the mess?"

Becerra says he’s frustrated commission members didn’t have the opportunity for debate or amendments. But the process did bring conservatives and progressives to the same table.

"That’s the beauty of what this commission did," he says. "It made us have conversation about things that we don’t always agree on and things that don’t always come up."

To proceed, the plan needs 14 of 18 members’ votes. Becerra says he’s trying to find a way to vote “yes, but” or “no, but” – an option that isn’t on the table. Becerra says even if the commission doesn’t approve the plan, Congress can still debate and vote on its ideas.