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Becerra votes 'no' on deficit reduction plan

Congressman Xavier Becerra considers his vote on deficit reduction
Congressman Xavier Becerra considers his vote on deficit reduction
Justin Ho/KPCC

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President Obama’s bipartisan commission tasked to find ways to cut the federal deficit has failed to reach consensus. The plan got 11 votes - three short of the 14 needed to put the plan up for a vote in Congress. One of those “no” votes came from an L.A. Democrat.

Congressman Xavier Becerra was on the fence as late as Thursday afternoon. The politically unpopular plan would cut nearly $4 trillion from the federal deficit over the next decade through tax increases and raising the Social Security retirement age. In the end, the L.A. Democrat said “no.”

Despite the vote, Becerra said, "The commission chairs did a great job in identifying some of the things that we always keep under the table which are the things I think are the most important to address if we’re ever going to be sanely budgeting for the federal government."

Becerra insists that deficit reduction isn’t dead; he called the proposal a “first step towards making the hard choices.”

All three House Republicans and two House Democrats on the commission turned thumbs down on the proposal. The lone House Democrat who supported the plan lost his election last month. After the vote, he said, “Thank God I’m not running again.”