Loma Linda turns off controversial red light cameras

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Loma Linda is putting the brakes on its red light cameras. It's just the latest Inland city to deactivate the electronic traffic cops.

Loma Linda authorities switched off the city’s red light cameras earlier this week – almost five years to the day after they were installed above four busy intersections. The cameras caught scores of red light runners, roughly 20 a day, at a cost of nearly $500 a ticket.

But most of the take went to the company that managed the system – about $15 million, according to Loma Linda officials. The city got only about $50,000 a year.

Loma Linda officials also question whether the system made the intersections safer. Some traffic experts say the cameras increase rear-end collisions because they make drivers brake suddenly at yellow lights. Instead of the cameras, Loma Linda will extend yellows by one second.

Moreno Valley, Redlands and Yucaipa ditched their red light camera systems earlier this year over similar complaints.