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Several committees change names on Capitol Hill

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Big changes are coming to Capitol Hill. On Wednesday, a new US House Speaker – Republican Congressman John Boehner - takes the gavel. This new session will introduce lots of new names on the Hill.

The Committee on Education and Labor has carried a lot of other names since it was first established in 1867. Now it’s returning to an old favorite: the Committee on Education and the Workforce. Labor, of course, is associated with the Democratic Party, which lost control of the House in the November election.

Republican Congressman David Dreier of San Dimas will resume the chairmanship of the House Rules Committee – that one won’t change names. But he says the House Science and Technology Committee will add the word “Space” to its name – a gesture that should please NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab located in his district.

Another change? Dreier says this one is just "common sense." The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct is going to be called the Committee on Ethics, "which is what people refer to it as anyway."

Dreier will bring the proposed name changes to the floor for amendments and a vote on Wednesday afternoon, right after almost a hundred lawmakers with new names – the freshman class of Congress – are sworn in.