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3 extra days to file taxes this year

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The Internal Revenue Service delivered good news to taxpayers Tuesday. The agency announced that Americans will have a few extra days to file income taxes this year.

Instead of an April 15 deadline, we’ll have until the 18th. The IRS says that this year, the earlier date coincides with Emancipation Day, a holiday in the nation’s capital that marks the freeing of slaves in the District of Columbia 149 years ago.

Emancipation Day falls on Saturday, April 16. But D.C. – and the federal workers there – observe it the Friday before. That’s the usual tax filing deadline.

Earlier, the Internal Revenue Service had also announced a processing delay. It’ll affect the 50 million or so taxpayers who itemize their deductions on a Schedule A form. They won’t be able to file until next month. IRS officials say that shouldn’t pose much of a problem because those taxpayers will still have until April 18 to file.