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Music industry slowly recovers from recession

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The music industry’s recovery from the recession is more like a slow ballad than a head-banging rock anthem. At least that’s how the head of the National Association of Music Merchants hears it.

For about three decades, Joe Lamond has made a living in the music industry.

He’s the chief executive of the National Association of Music Merchants – or NAMM – the industry’s main trade group.

Lamond says when the recession hit, people put off buying expensive instruments like pianos.

"But through it all, I think small goods and accessories and the lesser expensive instruments really seemed to come through very well," Lamond says. "Those companies – many of them grew through the recession and kind of selling the blue jeans, the picks and the shovels to the gold miners of 1849. These people came through. They were selling the accessories and things that people needed to make music, while maybe some of the larger purchases were deferred."

Lamond says the entire music industry is slowly recovering from the recession.

The music vendors may find out just how much next week, when NAMM hosts its annual convention in Anaheim. That convention is expected to attract nearly 90,000 musicians and music fans.