LA Unified moves to reconstitute Jordan High School

An employee said there was a mood of uncertainty at Jordan High School in Watts Wednesday. Los Angeles Unified’s superintendent moved this week to reconstitute the low-performing school in the coming months and force teachers and staff to reapply for their jobs.

Outside Jordan High, Jackilene Alvarez praised the education her three children have received at the school. She has a tenth and twelfth grader at Jordan.

Another daughter graduated with high grades two years ago and has a clerical job, she said.

Alvarez added that gangs and their influence are a bigger problem. She said a teacher helped straighten out her son last year when he was getting into trouble.

The school district argues that Alvarez’s experience is the exception to the rule. Sixty-five percent of Jordan High’s students drop out, while very few test proficient in English and math.

The teachers union says district headquarters has done little to support teacher improvement efforts. The superintendent says he’ll recruit outside entities to help run Jordan High as three separate learning academies on the same campus.