L.A. County flu season kicks up

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Flu season is here and public health officials say cases are on the rise in Los Angeles County. If you haven’t gotten your vaccination yet, KPCC’s Patricia Nazario says you can still take steps to stay healthy.

Simple things like washing your hands can help prevent the flu.

“…particularly after you’ve gone to the restroom and before and after eating,” says LA County’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Jonathan Fielding.

He also recommends using a tissue or shirt sleeve to cover your cough, and avoiding contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands when you’re feeling sick.

“That’s often the way these germs get into the body through those mucous membranes,” says Dr. Fielding. “Finally, if you’re sick don’t go to work. Stay home. And if your child is sick, don’t send your child to school.”

Fielding says the flu strains showing up in LA County this year are a perfect match for what’s in the vaccine. The shot is generally safe for pregnant women, seniors and babies older than 6-months-old.