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West Covina considers putting giant 'WC' on hillside

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West Covina’s city council is considering an idea that could put the San Gabriel Valley town on the map – or at least mark its initials on a hillside.

For years, cities have used their local hillsides to brag a little. You might think that means the Hollywood sign, but that famous emblem wasn’t so much about Hollywood as it was about the Hollywoodland real estate development in the 1920s.

To get a better idea of what West Covina wants to do, take a ride along the 210 Freeway and look to the foothills. You’ll see a stylized “D” above Duarte and an "M" high above Monrovia; the “Big M” city symbol has been up there for nearly 60 years, and it’s there to let you know you’re in Monrovia.

That’s what West Covina wants. The city council is talking about putting a giant “WC” above West Covina.

The project won’t use city money – just private dollars plus city pride to mark West Covina’s 88th birthday on February 17. Now “WC” does have another meaning in some parts of the world, but city leaders hope putting those letters high on a hillside will get you thinking about only one: West Covina.

The West Covina City Council will talk about the WC project at tonight’s meeting at 7 o’clock.