Farmers Insurance, AEG announce naming rights deal for proposed NFL Stadium in downtown LA

Artist's depiction of proposed NFL stadium with Famers Field logo.
Artist's depiction of proposed NFL stadium with Famers Field logo.

It’s far from built and doesn’t even have a team yet, but a proposed National Football League stadium in downtown Los Angeles got a name today: Farmers Field.

Farmers Insurance has made a naming rights agreement with Anschutz Entertainment Group, or AEG. Farmers Insurance executive Paul Patsis said the name brings a lot to mind.

"I think of farmers. I think of field. I think of growth. Things grow in fields. And in this case, what growth is about is about economic development, it’s about jobs. It’s about all those great things that this project is gonna bring to the community. And it’s a wonderful testament to both the private and public sector working together with AEG at the center of this."

Farmers Insurance has been a California company for 82 years. The stadium naming rights deal would be for 30 years. The Farmers Field proposal is competing with another one to build an NFL Stadium in the city of Industry.

AEG produced a slick show at the L.A. Convention Center to unveil the new logo and renderings for the proposed Farmers Field, with videos and a parade of L.A. sports greats like Magic Johnson, Oscar De La Hoya and Rosie Grier. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, business and labor leaders talked about the economic boom the stadium would bring.

AEG executive Tim Liewecke repeated a promise that the stadium would be privately funded. He then set his sights on hosting the 50th Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will play Sunday in Super Bowl 45 in Dallas.

“It’s snowing today in Dallas,” Liewecke said. “We need Super Bowls in L.A.”