Brown’s pitch for special election fails to sway Republicans

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In his State of the State address Monday night, Gov. Jerry Brown called on lawmakers to put politics aside to solve the state’s 25 billion deficit. But he singled out Republican lawmakers for not supporting his plan to put his budget proposal to the voters.

Brown wants to extend some temporary tax increases to help plug the state deficit and prevent deeper cuts to state services. He says voter need to decide because lawmakers can’t bridge the ideological divide.

"The only way forward is to go back to the people and seek their guidance. It’s time for a legislative check in with the people of California." Brown said.

The pitch failed to convince Republican Senator Bob Huff, the vice chair of the Senate Budget committee.

"It seems like the main focus of the speech was more ‘Republicans you gotta do the right thing and let people have a say in this thing.’" said Huff. "My argument is people having been saying and we don’t like the answer — so you keep asking it like a kid until you get the answer you want."

Brown will "keep asking" Republican lawmakers to support his special election. He needs five of their votes to place his tax proposal on a June ballot. He needs to get those votes by March 1.