LA’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese backs away from plan to add 20 school days

Cardinal Roger Mahony
Cardinal Roger Mahony
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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The elementary schools run by Los Angeles’ Roman Catholic Archdiocese might still become the first in this region to expand their academic year - but the archdiocese will allow its individual campuses to make that decision for themselves.

Cardinal Roger Mahony is pushing to make L.A. Roman Catholic Archdiocese elementary school district the first – nationwide – to follow a 200-day academic calendar.

That’s 20 days longer than the public school year in L.A.

Mahony says student performance would improve. But some parents say a shorter summer would disrupt family schedules.

Church officials say they will not order their schools to add classroom days. Instead, the decision will be left up to individual campus administrators.

The Archdiocese’s school district stretches across Ventura, Santa Barbara and L.A. counties.