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California wants Florida's high-speed rail money

A graphic rendering of a proposed train.
A graphic rendering of a proposed train.
California High Speed Rail Authority

When Florida killed its high speed rail project, it walked away from more than $2 billion in federal money. California’s two senators say “we’ll take it.”

Florida’s governor derailed the state’s high-speed rail project over cost overruns and “overly optimistic” ridership numbers.

Within hours, California senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, suggesting he send California the $2 billion intended for Florida. Senator Boxer says the state’s San Diego-to-Bay Area project “demonstrates the greatest potential for success.”

She says it's "important that the funds go where the funds can be utilized and we’re making the case that we’re way out front. We are way out in front because of the commitment of our people, our local electeds and the need for this."

California voters approved nearly $10 billion in bonds to start the project. The federal government kicked in $3 billion – and added another $600 million in December when Ohio and Wisconsin turned down their high-speed rail money.