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Officer who lied about being shot is charged

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Prosecutors filed criminal charges Thursday against the Los Angeles Schools police officer who lied about being shot outside a Woodland Hills high school.

Prosecutors charged Officer Jeff Stenroos with one felony count each of filing a false report, preparing false documentary evidence, perjury, and insurance fraud. If convicted, he faces five years in prison.

Stenroos sparked a prolonged manhunt in January when he claimed he’d been shot by a man breaking into cars outside El Camino Real High School. The police dragnet shut down nine schools and closed dozens of streets for hours.

The eight-year veteran cop recanted his story a week later, and said he’d accidentally shot himself. Investigators say he had a bruise consistent with a gunshot to the chest while wearing a bullet proof vest, but they’re still leery of his story because he proven to be a liar.

Police reportedly said “they may never know exactly what happened” to the 30-year-old officer.

The LA Unified school district has started the process of firing Stenroos.