Norco to vote on plan to hike water, sewer rates

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Homeowners in Norco are boiling mad over a possible water rate hike. They’ll pack tonight's City Council meeting to oppose the recommended increase in water and sewer fees.

Norco wants to increase water connection and usage rates by up to 51 percent for some customers. It could also jack up residential sewer rates by 27 percent.

A city report says the price of purchasing, treating and delivering water has increased by more than a million-and-a-half dollars a year. At a recent City Council meeting, Rob Swindell said Norco should find the money somewhere else.

“From what I can tell," said Swindell, "not one cent of these increased usage fees will go towards water conservation or reclamation measures. Instead, it will go towards debt services, reimbursing the city’s general fund and paying the salaries of city employees who apparently don’t know the difference between potable water, and portable water.”

Norco officials say if they don’t raise the rates, water and sewer system maintenance could suffer – and the city might default on debt obligations.