California legislature will let new Bell City Council take seats sooner than later

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The City Council Bell voters elected earlier this month may be seated sooner than later. The California legislature has passed a law that’ll allow that to happen.

About one-third of registered voters in the City of Bell showed up at the polls on March 8. They cast out five incumbents and the mayor, who face public corruption allegations.

Many of the new council members became active in politics only after news reports indicated that their elected and appointed office holders pulled down six-figure salaries for their part-time government jobs. But the electoral sweep left Bell without a City Council to certify the election results; court orders keep the previous officeholders at least 100 feet from Bell municipal buildings.

The law passed in Sacramento allows the new City Council members – a retired baker, a social worker, a small business owner and two others – to take the oath of office as soon as the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors signs off on the ballots.

That could happen as soon as this week; if the legislature hadn’t passed the new measure, those council members would have had to wait until April 4 to start their new jobs