Cal State schools to reduce enrollment due to budget concerns

The California State University Board of Trustees met Tuesday in Long Beach. The 23 campus system faces a $550 million gap in its annual budget because the state has cut its subsidy as energy and employee health care costs have increased.

Budget official Robert Turnage says the current level of state funding knocks Cal State’s allocation from Sacramento back to what it was more than a decade ago.

“We’re going back to 1999," Turnage says. "Back to the 20th century in terms of the amount of money we get from the state. But we are serving about 70,000 more students than we did then.”

Turnage says Cal State will reduce enrollment by 10,000 students to help cover the costs. He said if Californians don’t vote to extend current tax levels, the system could face a $1 billion deficit that could require an emergency tuition increase for students.