Los Angeles County Supervisors raise fees

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In a theme that’s playing out around California, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved fee increases to address a growing budget shortfall.

The coroner’s fee for handling dead bodies tops the list. The supervisors doubled the maximum amount the coroner can charge to $400. The current rate is $312 per body.

The county will continue to waive fees for indigent people, parents of a child 14 years old or younger and relatives of innocent crime victims. The coroner follows up on all unnatural deaths, including car accidents and other trauma-related fatalities. That’s about 30 percent of all deaths in L.A. County.

In addition to the dead, golfers are getting hit with higher fees. The board of supervisors raised green fees by $1 on weekdays and $2 on the weekends.

County officials said those fees still average 25 percent less than most other public courses in Southern California. The county is also raising fees for highway and sewer construction permits, and for certain inspections.