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Federal budget deal stuck; Democrats, Republicans still miles apart

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock
Republican Congressman Tom McClintock
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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If Congress can’t agree on a budget deal by midnight tomorrow, the government shuts the door on all non-essential services. Democrats and Republicans are still miles apart.

There’s some dispute about whether a government shutdown is inevitable.

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock of South Lake Tahoe says "there's certainly no excuse for it" since the GOP-led House did its part by passing HR1. "It still sits gathering dust in the Senate."

That's because Democrats in charge of the Senate declared it “dead on arrival.” Democratic Congresswoman Linda Sanchez of Lakewood says she's "not all that optimistic that we’ll be able to avoid a government shutdown."

Sanchez says there’s a reason Democrats rejected the GOP proposal. "They have just gotten into this place where they believe that they were elected to cut as much as they can and they’re just taking a chainsaw to the budget."

Sanchez blames a small group of GOP lawmakers unwilling to compromise. Republican Tom McClintock, who sits on the House Budget Committee, says the GOP budget cuts are “hardly unreasonable” given the rise in spending over the past three years.