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Madelyn Pugh Davis of 'I Love Lucy' fame dies

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Madelyn Pugh Davis, a writer for the classic comedy “I Love Lucy," died Wednesday at her home in Bel-Air. She cooked up some of the wackiest situations in TV history.

If the word “Vitameatavegamin” means anything to you, thank Madelyn Pugh Davis.

She created the scenario in which Lucille Ball films a commercial for that unpalatable – and very alcoholic – health tonic in multiple, increasingly hilarious, takes.

Davis is responsible for other famous Lucy stunts, too: the episode that finds her up to her knees stomping, then wrestling in, grapes; and the sped-up assembly line in the chocolates factory that leaves Lucy and her neighbor Ethel stuffing candies in their mouths to try and keep up.

Years after the sitcom spun into eternal syndication, Madelyn Davis reflected that Ball was game for anything she suggested. Davis and her husband collaborated on later sitcoms, including “The Mothers-in-Law” with Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard and “Alice” with Linda Lavin.

But her comic inspirations have a lot to do with why we still love Lucy. Madelyn Pugh Davis was 90-years-old when she died.