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Airline pilot applauds country, military for staying focused on pursuit of bin Laden

At LAX on Monday, American Airlines pilot James Wilkerson applauded the United States for staying on bin Laden’s trail.

“I’m just proud of our country for not taking our eye off of the ball. Keeping the priorities straight,” he said. “I think that was very important to never forget what happened. And never take your eye off the ball. This guy is the one that caused or started all the things we have had in the last decade. So I’m proud of our troops and proud of the president, actually.”

After Sunday's news that bin Laden had died, police are on heightened alert at Los Angeles-area airports. The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers’ Association released a statement Monday to reassure travelers at LAX, Van Nuys and Ontario airports.

In the statement, Los Angeles Airport Police Chief George Centeno said that while there’s no direct threat as a result of recent events, police will remain highly visible. He repeated the mantra of the new transportation safety campaign: “If you see something, say something” … to airport police.