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In spite of bin Laden’s death, expert still concerned over al-Qaida Central in Pakistan

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Pakistan on Tuesday criticized the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden as an "unauthorized unilateral action" and warned Washington not to launch similar operations in the future.

Haider Mullick, a policy analyst on US-Pakistan relations, said he fears retaliation for bin Laden’s death from al-Qaida Central in Pakistan.

“That’s where they have attacked Pakistani security forces. They have killed thousands of Pakistanis regardless of their sects, Sunni or Shia; where they have build these alliances for years,” Mullick said. “They’ve always had a contingency plan for the leader dying. It’s a very adaptable organization that wants Pakistani nuclear weapon technology.”

Mullick, author of “Pakistan's Security Paradox,” predicted more Jihadist activity if pro-democracy protests fail to achieve their objectives in the Middle East. He spoke with KPCC’s Larry Mantle.