Charles Drew University names new president

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Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science may itself soon be coming off the critical care list. The Willowbrook medical school created to train minority doctors was on the brink of closure. Its financial health was in trouble and its reputation took a beating after it was put on academic probation. Now the university announced it’s bringing in a new president.

The new president is David Carlisle, the current head of California's Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Carlisle says his first goal is to make sure the university regains its full accreditation. The school has been on academic probation the last couple years.

"We expect to hear something positive on that note in the next several weeks or months," says Carlisle.

Carlisle says he will then focus on assuring the financial viability of the school. As part of that effort, he hopes to revive the school's physician residency program, which was forced to close five years ago, but it still has an active nursing program.

Carlisle calls Drew University's history "significant." It opened in the 1960s after the Watts riots as part of an effort to bring health care to that underserved community.