LA Zoo breeds endangered frog

A mountain yellow-legged frog
A mountain yellow-legged frog
Matthew San Diego/Flickr Creative Commons

Los Angeles Zoo officials say they have successfully bred the endangered mountain yellow-legged frog in an effort to save the species.

Captive frogs laid hundreds of eggs in March and more than 200 tadpoles hatched in April. The tadpoles will be released into the wild this summer in the San Jacinto Mountains.

Reptiles and amphibians curator Ian Recchio says there are only a few hundred frogs left in their range which stretches across the San Bernardino, San Gabriel and San Jacinto mountains of Southern California. The frogs have been bred in a zoo only once previously.

Recchio says various agencies including Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey spent as many as nine years on the effort working to secure permission to breed the endangered animals.