LA withdraws threat to furlough 4,100 clerical workers

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The city no longer plans to implement threatened furloughs for 4,100 clerical employees, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced today. The workers' bargaining unit — AFSCME Local 3090 — ratified a pension and healthcare reform agreement last week.

The furlough suspension, which is for all workers represented by the AFSCME Local 3090, will run for the life of the workers' contract through June 2014. The pension and health care agreement includes more contributions to retiree healthcare plans, a shift in negotiated pay raises to the end of the contract period, and a temporary suspension of cash overtime.

The agreement also calls for members to begin contributing 2 percent to their retiree healthcare this month. That contribution increases to 4 percent in July.

Last month, the workers voted to reject the city’s proposal. Some faced as many as 42 unpaid furlough days over 18 months.

At city leaders’ urging, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3090, conducted a second vote. This time, clerical workers supported the deal. The mayor says it will save L.A. tens of millions of dollars.

Most other workers in the Coalition of LA City Unions had already agreed to it.