UC Riverside med school opening could be delayed without state funding

California’s state budget mess could stall the next year’s planned opening of UC Riverside’s medical school.

Without a recurring state funding commitment, the med school can’t get accreditation - and without accreditation, it could lose out on millions of dollars in federal grants.

In an interview with KPCC last month, UCR Chancellor Timothy White said he’s determined to get the med school open on time.

“Funding is an issue for anything in California right now so we’re working hard on that piece of it," said White. "But the interest in the community, the fact that it will create physicians who are from Inland Southern California who are the racial, ethnic mix of Southern California and who have a very high probability they’ll put their roots down and practice medicine here. The number of docs per capita here is about half what it is in the rest of the state. We’re gonna be part of the solution.”

Chancellor White is set to meet with accrediting agency officials in Sacramento today to hammer out a solution, and secure state funding. UCR is still moving forward with medical school construction and plans to welcome its first batch of med students next summer.