Anti-Janice Hahn Web ad denounced as 'sexist' by Democrats and Republicans

A shot from the Janice Hahn attack ad.
A shot from the Janice Hahn attack ad.
Ladd Ehlinger, Jr.

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A new ad attacking Los Angeles city councilwoman Democrat Janice Hahn, who's running to replace Jane Harman in a special election in the 36th Congressional District, has been denounced by both Hahn and her Republican opponent, Craig Huey. The Hahn campaign announced today that it plans to file a complaint with the Federal
Election Commission against Republican rival Craig Huey's campaign.

The ad was produced by a political action committee, Turn Right USA, unaffiliated with the Huey campaign. The video is called "Give us your cash, B--ch!"

The video has been compared to the famed Willie Horton ad used in 1988 by George H.W. Bush in his campaign against Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis.

Talking Points Memo reports that Hahn's campaign manager said the ad is "incredibly offensive and sexist to all women" and that "Craig Huey should be ashamed to have this kind of thing produced on his behalf." Huey campaign manager Jimmy Camp told the L.A. Weekly that the ad is "inappropriate" and "highly offensive." California Republican Party spokesperson Mark Standriff also called the video offensive and inappropriate, as well as saying it's not connected to the Huey Campaign or the California Republican Party.

The L.A. Times quotes the ad's creator, conservative filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr., saying "The ad's funny. It makes me laugh." He also preemptively refuted charges that the ad is racist, saying "Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: 'It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.' By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people."

The ad's narration opens, "In an insane effort to reduce gang violence, Janice Hahn hired hardcore gang members with taxpayer money to be 'gang intervention specialists.' She even helped them get out of jail, so they could rape and kill again."

It then shows a scantily clad woman on a stripper pole and a song that opens with rappers holding guns, yelling "Kill!" and then delivering lines like "Give me your cash, b---h, so we can shoot up the street!" while the rappers put dollar bills in the stripper's shorts. Janice Hahn's face is later superimposed on the woman's face.

The video also includes Hahn saying, "It does take a different kind of person to be able to speak the language." It closes with images of a red-eyed Hahn and an assault rifle. The narrator closes, saying "Congress has enough gangsters. Janice Hahn: Bad for L.A. Bad for America. Let's keep her out of Congress, homies. Donate now."

It also includes a link to a site called "Hahn's Homeboyz" with the video and a local news report on Hahn's work with gang intervention.

The special election between Hahn and Huey is July 12.

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(via Talking Points Memo)