405 closure: Tickets for JetBlue's $4 flights between Burbank and Long Beach sell out

The Bob Hope Airport in Burbank on Dec. 17, 2003.
The Bob Hope Airport in Burbank on Dec. 17, 2003.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

JetBlue announced flights between Long Beach Airport and Burbank's Bob Hope Airport this Saturday during the closure of the 405 dubbed "Carmageddon." The flights sold out within hours.

“Tickets went on sale around noontime California time this afternoon and within a couple of hours," said Steinberg. "Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are, those tickets did sell out."

They were charging $4 each way including taxes and fees, or $5 for "Even More Space" seats, including early boarding.

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster thanked JetBlue for offering the service.

While those flights sold out, in honor of the 405, the promotion also includes 40.5 percent discounts on vacation packages to Las Vegas from Burbank or Long Beach plus $40.50 off the overall vacation package.

The four flights are this Saturday. JetBlue sold tickets for two flights out of Burbank, and two out of Long Beach.

The flights take about 45 minutes. It's JetBlue's shortest flight ever, according to JetBlue Media Analyst Allison Steinberg.

A Van Nuys-based company is offering another unusual way to get around town this weekend: helicopter rides over the 405 freeway. The trips go for $150 one way or $275 round trip, and travel between Van Nuys and Santa Monica or LA International Airport.

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