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NRDC details water concerns if climate heats up

Bottled water
Bottled water
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A dozen major American cities face water-related worries if the climate heats up, a new report released Tuesday warns. What are its implications for the Southland?

Greater Los Angeles may have to wrangle with a rising sea level and its consequences, including more flooding and less water for drinking and other uses. That’s what the National Resources Defense Council concludes in its report on the effects of global warming.

While California has led the nation in addressing climate change issues, the report says Los Angeles lags behind other cities’ assessment of the risks it might face. The group behind the report urges L.A. officials to consider what to do in case of climate-related drought. It also suggests more emphasis on rainfall capture and reusing water that goes to waste.

The “Thirsty for Answers” report compares what 12 cities from Homer, Alaska to Norfolk, Virginia are doing to handle the ways climate change makes them vulnerable to big shifts in the way they function.