Norco immigrant family claims they were assaulted by ICE agents

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An immigrant family claimed on Monday that immigration agents roughed up their grandmother during a raid in Norco.

The family said dozens of immigration agents swarmed their Norco home around 3:30 p.m. 2 weeks ago.

Josephina Martinez said her 46 year-old mother-in-law sustained bruises when gun-toting agents threw her to the ground as they searched for drugs and guns.

“These officers should have realized that these 5 people were women and children and needed to treat them as such," said Jorge Mario Cabrera, spokesperson for the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights. "Instead they treated them like criminals.”

Cabrera said a 2 year-old girl and a 16 year-old boy were also in the house at the time, and added that it appears that agents raided the wrong house.

In a statement, immigration officials confirmed that agents did raid the house during a drug trafficking investigation and detained 4 people for deportation. Five others face immigration interviews.

Agents did not arrest any of them on drug charges.

Officials said they are reviewing the agents’ conduct during the raid.