Now that tuition has been increased, university executive pay being questioned

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A Cal State University committee met Monday to discuss a topic that’s almost as contentious as tuition increases: executive pay.

Trustees ordered the committee meeting after Gov. Jerry Brown and others grilled Cal State administrators for approving the highest pay package ever for the incoming president of San Diego State at the same time they voted to raise student tuition by 12 percent.

The committee meeting focused on the Cal State hiring process. Some campus presidents oversee budgets of $800 million that often make the university the largest community employer. Cal State Faculty Association President Lillian Taiz said trustees should be looking for good public servants instead of good CEOs who require private sector scale salaries.

"Should these campus presidents, not withstanding the complexity of their jobs, are their jobs more complex than say, the president of the United States? The most recent hire in San Diego makes the same amount of money as the president," Taiz said.

That’s $400,000 a year — almost as much as the CSU chancellor makes. Taiz says she doesn’t have a specific change in mind for Cal State’s pay and hiring. The Cal State committee will take up the topic again in two weeks.