OC student who hacked into computer, changed grades gets jail time

A school computer lab.
A school computer lab.
Scott Woods-Fehr/Flickr

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A former high school student who hacked into a school computer to change his grades got a final grade from an Orange County judge Friday.

Several colleges turned down Tesoro High senior Omar Khan three years ago. He wanted to do something about it. He could have worked hard in community college and transferred.

Instead, Khan broke into the Tesoro High offices, hacked into the computers, swiped copies of Advanced Placement tests – and changed the grades on his transcript. It worked – until a school janitor nabbed him and a friend one night.

The friend – Tanvir Singh – pleaded guilty right away and got three years’ probation and 200 hours of community service. Now three years later, a judge has formally sentenced Khan to something more. For five felonies, he got 30 days in jail, 500 hours of community service, three years’ probation - and $15,000 in restitution.

The judge then wiped four of the five felonies off his record. Omar Khan is in college now, studying at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on scholarship after he worked hard in community college to get his grades up.