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Controversial Vernon wins battle to stay its own city

"Save Vernon Jobs" coalition organizers say about 1,000 people attended a barbecue lunch and rally on Thursday to oppose a state assembly bill to dissolve the city.
Corey Moore/KPCC

The California State Senate won't be dissolving the city of Vernon.

The ruling amounts to a loss for Assembly Speaker John Pérez who made doing away with the city one of his top priorities for this year's legislative session. Pérez says the city is too corrupt to survive.

Three former top officials have already been convicted of corruption charges for misusing public funds.

Supporters want to give city leaders a chance to adopt reforms demanded last week by Sen. Kevin de Leon, a sometimes rival of the speaker.

De Leon and others say disincorporating the city would harm the 55,000 people who work there.

The bill, AB46, failed in the Senate on a 17-13 vote Monday, with many Democrats abstaining.