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LA County supervisors to vote on final parolee plan

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Los Angeles County supervisors today will vote on a plan to manage new parolees returning from state prison.

California plans to shift responsibility for nearly 10,000 parolees to L.A. County over the next four years, as part of the state’s plan to reduce its prison population. But supervisors have said the state is providing too little money, and that the county lacks the jail space to house new non-serious offenders that will be diverted from prison.

“We too have some of the same concerns that the board has had," says L.A. County's chief probation officer Donald Blevins, "that there may not be adequate funding to do all the things that we want to do. But essentially Oct. 1, the offenders start arriving in our county.”

Blevins said despite the funding shortfall, he believes Los Angeles County can provide better rehabilitation programs than the state. District Attorney Steve Cooley has predicted an explosion in the crime rate.