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Indie rock band Foster the People welcomes community volunteers on tour

Do gooders en route to an unknown destination.
Do gooders en route to an unknown destination.
Bonnie Hawthorne/ Do Good Bus

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A Los Angeles-based volunteer organization is taking its show on the road with a well-known indie rock band in an attempt to "do good" across the country. The "Do Good Bus" is a program that brings volunteers to service projects across the Southern California region.

The program is partnering with the band Foster the People on its national tour.

Rebecca Pontius is the founder of the Do Good Bus and the sister of Foster the People drummer Mark Pontius. Rebecca came up with the idea for the project after her brother organized a party bus for her 30th birthday. She realized that she could turn the fun atmosphere of the party bus into something positive for the community.

"My partner and I came up with this great idea: what if we put all our friends on a bus, and we show them how to volunteer and, in the meantime, kind of create that community like we did on the party bus?" said Rebecca.

Volunteers sign up online for the Do Good Bus and are then taken to a surprise service project in the Southland. In the past, volunteers have helped with gardening projects in the region and at a homeless camp in Malibu.

The bus will make 28 stops across the U.S. during the Foster the People tour. The first project is today in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"We actually as a band have always been really adamant since the beginning about trying to be involved in charity anyway we can," said Mark Pontius, "so this is the perfect thing to start off this whole thing."

The bus returns to Southern California with stops in Los Angeles and Pomona in mid-October, but there are no more spots available for those projects.