LA County to give home test kits for STDs

Officials in Los Angeles County are hoping to reduce the number of young women who contract chlamydia and gonorrhea by distributing home testing kits.

The kits will be distributed at high tech kiosks around L.A. County which already leads the nation in the number of chlamydia cases. The county also has the second highes rates of gonorrhea cases, according to public health chief Jonathan Fielding.

The highest concentration of both illnesses is found in the young minority female populations of South Los Angeles, where about eight kiosks will be located.

County officials say the kiosks and health workers distributing kits at public events will be cheaper than clinic appointments, and also more discreet. Users will be able to get test results online or by phone.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause serious problems like sterility or problems in childbirth.