LA transit advocates say federal transportation bill would cut too much

File photo of an MTA bus in Los Angeles, Calif.
File photo of an MTA bus in Los Angeles, Calif.
The Marmot/Flickr CC

Public transit advocates in Los Angeles and other cities say the transportation bill now before Congress cuts too much from buses and trains. The six-year bill now before the House would cut federal funding for public transit by more than a third.

Francisca Porchas, with the L.A. Labor-Community Strategy Center, says commuters have already lost a million hours of bus service.

“We talk a lot about stimulating the economy, and then we have transit agencies making these massive cuts and leaving people stranded," Porchas said.

Citizens, she said, are unable to "make it to work, to the doctor, to school, to their basic needs, or not even being able to find a job which is what they’re most concerned with.”

The American Public Transportation Association says the cuts proposed in the transportation bill could cost a 620,000 jobs.