'Occupy' protests spread to Oakland, Berkeley

The 'Occupy' movement that began in New York and has since popped up in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities throughout the country is now taking root in Oakland and Berkeley.

The Oakland Tribune says about 500 demonstrators rallied Monday in Oakland and about 35 in Berkeley.

According to the Tribune, the Oakland demonstration took place at a downtown plaza while the smaller Berkeley protest was staged in front of a Bank of America branch.

Oakland protesters marched in front of an empty City Hall that was closed for a mandatory furlough day.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that nurses, families, teachers and the unemployed carried signs expressing a wide range of economic and political concerns. After about two hours, a small group of protesters set up camp outside City Hall and said they would remain there for the long haul.

The Oakland and Berkeley events were peaceful and no arrests were made.

Organizers announced that the next 'Occupy' Northern California event is scheduled for Wednesday in Walnut Creek.

These movements are modeled on protests that began last month with "Occupy Wall Street," a protest against economic inequality and perceived corporate influence on government.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.