UC Riverside student diagnosed with active tuberculosis

A University of California, Riverside, student has been diagnosed with active tuberculosis. Some 1,500 students, faculty and staff have been offered free TB screenings through the Campus Health Center.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise says the student, whose name isn't being released, has been transferred from a residential hall to a private on-campus apartment.

University spokeswoman Kris Lovekin says the TB results were confirmed Friday. "We've asked the student not have contact with other people," said Lovekin. She says the student will be isolated for several weeks and won't be able to complete the quarter.

In a written statement, Lovekin said that the risk of transmission is relatively low. The student's closest associates on campus have been notified and are being asked to undergo screening and monitoring, Lovekin said.

Notices were sent to students, faculty and staff due to the possibility they could have come in contact with the infected student in lecture halls, dining halls and other campus locations.

This story includes information from the Associated Press.