Rep. Karen Bass says MediCal/Medicare cuts would hurt economy

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA).
Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA).
Office of Rep. Karen Bass

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) urged lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday to protect Medicaid and Medicare funding.

Bass spoke in downtown Los Angeles and said if the supercommittee votes before Thanksgiving to slash an additional $500 billion from Medicare and Medicaid, it will wipe out healthcare for people who need it most — people like the patients who attend St. Vincent Medical Center.

Bass said beyond those needing healthcare, federal lawmakers could jeopardize millions of jobs across the country. Leaders say the healthcare sector generates more positions than any other.

The SEIU and Bass aren't the only people speaking out about the potential cuts. Healthcare organizers are already planning events around the state to rally against potential reductions to MediCal and Medicare.

Meanwhile, the supercommittee is scrambling to devise a plan in the next two weeks to eliminate more than $1 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade.