KPCC plans investigative/enterprise news partnership with NBC LA

NBC Tuesday announced a partnership with KPCC
NBC Tuesday announced a partnership with KPCC
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NBC announced it's partnering with a number of local outlets to share news coverage. KPCC, which is one of them, is partnering with NBC LA as part of the deal.

NBC LA, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times have covered this agreement here and here and here, but we've got a few more details about what the partnerships will actually entail, though there are still a lot of details to hammer out.

"It's their goal to improve their local news coverage," KPCC's News Director Paul Glickman said of NBC LA. "That's what this is about for them. And they look to us as a logical place to turn because of our reputation for the high quality of our news coverage."

Glickman hopes the partnership, which was announced at midnight Eastern time, leads to at least one collaborative investigative or enterprise project a month. He envisions potentially divvying up work on those projects between NBC LA and KPCC, with multiple products for TV, radio and the Web. All of it would be cross-promoted and cross-branded where appropriate.

“Until we actually try it we won't have a really good sense of the ways in which it might work and the ways in which we can work together,” Glickman said.

KPCC CEO Bill Davis, in the video below, was optimistic about the partnership between the Burbank-based television station and the Pasadena-based public radio outlet.

"By making NBC4’s audience aware of stories that they weren't aware of before or going into greater depth …. and for KPCC it's going to bring our audience a whole new range of stories that we simply have not been able to get to,” Davis told NBC.