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John Atterberry, music exec and Hollywood shooting victim, dies

The scene of the shooting near Hollywood and Vine, Dec. 9, 2011.
The scene of the shooting near Hollywood and Vine, Dec. 9, 2011.
Corey Bridwell/KPCC

Music industry executive John Atterberry died after being shot Friday by a rampaging gunman firing at motorists at the Sunset and Vine intersection in Hollywood.

Atterberry died shortly before 5 p.m., according to Simi Singer, spokeswoman for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The 40-year-old music industry executive, who's worked with the Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson and others, was shot in the face and upper body as he drove his Mercedes-Benz during Friday's attack.

He was the only seriously injured victim of 26-year-old Tyler Brehm, who stalked the street firing nearly 20 bullets in the air and at cars as he screamed that he wanted to die. He was killed by police minutes later.

Brehm's ex-girlfriend Alicia Alligood has said she and Brehm had recently broken up, though police are still looking at other motives.

Alligood didn't find out about Brehm's involvement in Friday's shooting until Saturday morning.

"I woke up [Saturday] morning around 7 [a.m.] and I looked at my phone and I had 14 text messages," she told KTLA.

Several were from Brehm, sent a few minutes before the shooting, including one voicemail saying he loved her.

Brehm had dated Alligood for 4 1/2 years. They moved to Los Angeles County about a year ago for her work as a model, according to the Los Angeles Times.