Bryan Stow gives first interview

Bryan Stow is recovering at an undisclosed rehab center.
Bryan Stow is recovering at an undisclosed rehab center.
via NBC

Almost nine months after Giants fan Bryan Stow was severely beaten outside Dodgers Stadium on opening day, Stow appears on video in an NBC interview from his rehabilitation center.

Stow was admitted to L.A. County Hospital after the March 31 attack and was then transferred to San Francisco General Hospital two months later so that he could be closer to his family.

Stow was released and has spent the last two months in an undisclosed rehab center and in this NBC Bay Area video, he's seen speaking and on camera.

He is an EMT in the South Bay with two children. After months of being in a coma, Stow now appears sitting up, relatively cognizant and responding to questions.

See the clip of the interview with Bryan Stow, which will be aired in its entirety on Monday at 10 p.m.

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The police investigation of Stow's case lasted for months after the beating, resulting in increasing rewards for information on the attempted murder suspects. At one point, billboards advertised $100,000 for tips, leads or any information that lead to arrests.

What followed was a circus of media and police activity, as the LAPD's initial suspect Giovanni Ramirez was soon discovered to be wrongly fingered, and three additional suspects were arrested in July.