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Rep. Pete Stark's Christmas Hawaiian barbecue fish recipe

Grilled Hawaiian fish over a pit.
Grilled Hawaiian fish over a pit.

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Democrat Pete Stark has represented the East Bay of San Francisco since 1973. He’s served in Congress longer than any other Californian. So where does he spend the holidays?

"On Christmas Eve, generally we are in Hawaii," said Stark. "And we have good Hawaiian fish and good Hawaiian food."

Congressman Stark is master of the barbecue. He says it’s easy to grill fish — not to mention delicious.

Stark recommends indirect heat (a technique which also works with shrimp) and a glass of chardonnay with the meal — from California, of course!

Congressman Pete Stark's Hawaiian Barbecue

Light your coals.

For skinless fish, wash, pat dry and brush oil on both sides. Put fish in a grilling rack.

For fish with skin, again brush oil on both sides, but place directly on the grill, skin-side down.

For whole fish, such as trout, brush oil on all sides and place directly on the grill.

Use indirect heat — in other words, push the coals to one side and cook your fish on the other. Keep an eye on it, it will cook fast.