Measure mandating condom use in porn on LA County ballots this November?

A large pile of condoms.
A large pile of condoms.
Photo by Robert Elyov via Flickr Creative Commons

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Los Angeles AIDS activists Tuesday announced they’re launching an effort to qualify a ballot initiative for this Nov. 2012 that would require condom use in adult films shot in L.A. County.

Proponents of the ballot measure must gather 200,000 signatures for the initiative that would require male porn actors to wear condoms on adult film sets within L.A. County.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein announced the initiative to reporters at a press conference in the San Fernando Valley, the unofficial home of the adult film industry. He said the proposed law, which would be paid for through film industry permits, is intended to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases now rampant among adult film actors.

"Every type of business establishment that has any impact on health is regulated by L.A. County," said Weinstein. "Barber shops, massage parlors, nail salons, restaurants. So this should not be any different. This is a legal business and it should be regulated in the way other legal businesses are regulated."

The countywide campaign follows a successful effort by Weinstein’s group to qualify a similar measure on the Los Angeles City ballot in June.

The fate of that initiative, however, won’t be known until an L.A. Superior Court judge determines if the city — rather than the state — has jurisdiction to regulate condom use in the adult film industry.