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Mystery oil slick appears in Huntington Harbor

Huntington Harbor in 2010
Huntington Harbor in 2010
Orange County Archives via Flickr

An oil spill about half the size of a football field in Huntington Harbor is being contained by booms, officials said Thursday. The source of the oil hasn't been determined, but so far, there's been no property damage or threat to wildlife.

“They believe that the source was potentially from a boat that came and went because they couldn’t find — at least in the middle of the night — any source for the spill. It didn’t appear to come from any of the boats that were currently docked in that area,” said Huntington Beach Fire Department spokesman Jeff Lopez.

People noticed the spill behind Peter's Landing sometime around 4 p.m. Wednesday, but fire officials weren't alerted until 11 p.m.

“They took a look at the situation, determined that there was a sheen of oil on the water that covered an area that they initially estimated about a football field, but later they determined it was probably about half that size,” Lopez said.

A fire department hazardous materials squad and the California Department of Fish and Game have been working to contain the spill.

Coast Guard and Orange County Sheriff's Department boats and personnel helped stretch containment booms around the slick.

Correction: The slick was originally reported a the size of a football field. That was amended to half the size of a football field.