Health care providers react to Jerry Brown's Medi-Cal cuts

File: Doctors speak to patient.
File: Doctors speak to patient.
Seattle Municipal Archives/Flickr

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Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year includes deep cuts to health and human services programs already reeling from prior cutbacks.

The budget proposal includes significant cuts to programs that serve California’s most needy, including:

More than a third of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County's 1 million patients rely on Medi-Cal for their health care, said Louise McCarthy, the Association's president and CEO.

“And that makes up a significant component of funding for services that’s able to provide these folks care," McCarthy said. "So when we think about 842 million [out] from Medi-Cal, that’s a huge concern for us."

The Medi-Cal cuts will also affect payment rates to laboratories and other medical service providers.