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From Avatar To Acrobats: James Cameron Cirque du Soleil 3D feature acquired by Paramount

James Cameron’s quest to revolutionize movie technology
James Cameron’s quest to revolutionize movie technology
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Paramount Pictures has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the James Cameron executive produced 3D Cirque du Soleil feature, "Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away," the studio announced on Tuesday.

Written and directed by Andrew Adamson of "Shrek" and "Narnia" fame, the film bends and twists together elements from some of the most sophisticated and complicated Cirque du Soleil productions.

Offering cinema-goers an experience "beyond what they could see at a show," the original story provides a point of view that "takes them on the stage," said Jacques Methe, Executive Producer, General Manager, Images, Events, Lifestyle of Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil's "Iris" bounded into town last fall setting up residence in the Kodak Theater for an extended Hollywood run of eight shows per week over the next 10 years.