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Santa Ana intern convicted for recording video of over 60 men using public bathrooms

Cell phones taping cell phones
Cell phones taping cell phones

An intern with the Santa Ana Public Works Department was convicted Thursday for recording video of over 60 men by placing his cellphone at the foot of bathroom stalls

According to Orange County prosecutors, Miguel Ruiz Fabian pleaded guilty to eight counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct by unlawful viewing. The 24-year-old engineering student at Cal State Poly University has been sentenced to six months in jail, plus three years of formal probation.

An Orange County District Attorney's Office press release says that Fabian would routinely enter stalls at the Santa Ana City Hall and City Hall Annex, put his phone on the floor and used the camera function to record men as they utilized the stall next door.

Fabian allegedly recorded men 64 times over 23 days between Dec. 28, 2010, and May 31, 2011.

Finally in late May, a man looked down while using the restroom and saw the cellphone on the floor at the foot of his stall. He grabbed the phone, found Fabian was the owner and called 911.

The O.C. District Attorney's Office said the victims were predominantly city employees. The identities of many victims remain unknown, but those who could be identified have been contacted by Santa Ana police.